MUA is the result of the collaboration between forteen museums and numerous cultural institutes in the Alta Valle del Tevere area to offer an interactive experience to discover its cultural heritage in a new way.

The MUA project

The aim of MUA is to enhance the diverse cultural actuality and promoting the interaction between museums, places of culture and natural elements.

Thanks to films, maps and routes, MUA – Musei Umbria Alto Tevere will offer users an interactive experience to discover the treasures of our valley, so that they can plan from a distance what to see and how to get around our territory.


Musei Umbria Alto Tevere App

Dowloading the MUA – Musei Umbria Alto Tevere app, available on Android and Apple devices, it is not only possible to access useful information for visiting single museums, such as fact sheets, opening hours, addresses and contact information, but also to receive advice about trails in the territory.

Upon arriving at the museum, thanks to the App, users can enrich their visiting experience: pointing at the QR codes that can be found at the entrance of individual rooms, or near to important pieces in the museum collections, you can access special multimedia content such as videos, photos and audios in which specific features of a work of art is analysed, you can get tips on items or places related to it, like archive documents or historic buildings, you can open study videos, get recipes or participate in actual treasure hunts.

The app also allows you to receive notifications about scheduled events in the various museums and places of culture and to create an actual personal list of your favourite places so as not to miss out on any of the planned cultural activities in the Alta Valle del Tevere area museums!

The museums of the #MUA – Musei Umbria Alto Tevere network are waiting to offer you a new visiting experience!

To download the App:
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The Alto Tevere MUA project was financed in 2020 by Regione Umbria as part of the L.R. 24/2003 “Regional museum scheme – Safeguarding and enhancement of associated cultural assets”.