PLINIANA Museum: is an experience to live!

If in Selci fraction of San Giustino (PG) pass through the house number 12 of viale Francesco Nardi stop for a moment in front of the railings of the Historical Museum Stabilimento Tipografico PLINIANA. It is not a "prison", but an ancient printing house perfectly preserved and functioning. Then deciding to cross the threshold of our Museum is a leap into the past because it has the flavor of a typical village typography, however it is also the entrance into a beautiful present because the current property continues to preserve its contents, has restored the premises with the original furniture and equipment and put the printing machines back into operation. During opening hours there is a gentleman with a strict black apron, as a typographer, who perhaps inserts a composition of lead movable characters in a pedal and you can go out with your name and surname imprinted in a lead ingot. In fact, our strength is also the information because those who enter can have a chat with the former employees who lend themselves to act as a guide, tell their work experience in an ancient Umbrian printing house and explain one by one our fleet of machines and do more, operate them. The idea of recovery has matured over the years, since we took over the business in 1990 aware that the Museum could become the "flagship" of our company. We have therefore carefully preserved the place, preserving the original furnishings and machines, even the floor and our pride is that of a magical place, perhaps the only one in Italy, where old and new typographic arts coexist. And today for typography enthusiasts, for cultural figures, for students, for tourists, the PLINIANA Museum is a reference point for beautiful things, a precious printing house and a dynamic place where workshops are organized where to design, learn to compose and print, for example a plumb book in limited edition. Here we deepen the history of typographic printing, in short, our PLINIANA Museum is an experience to live!