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The cylindrical plane printing machine

Stabilimento Tipografico “Pliniana”

This consists of a typographic printing press for large format posters.

The first steam powered machine for cylindrical plane typography printing was used in 1812 by Friederich Koenig (1774-1833), a typographer originating from Lipsia, who perfected the invention in London. The technique is based on the using a cylinder instead of a flat plate: 3 sheets of paper are placed on the surface of the cylinder, when the cylinder runs over the surface with the inked matrix the pages are printed, allowing for a notable increase in the production speed and the printing of large formats, such as posters. In 1814 Koenig assembled a double cylindrical plane machine in the printing house of The Times newspaper of London, operated by a steam motor capable of printing around 1600 newspaper pages an hour. The Stabilimento Tipografico “Pliniana” owns a Super Unigraf built at Grafiche Mussani & Sisto Torino machinery.