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The Umbrian quadruccio, the partridge eye and the spolinato of “Tela Umbra”

Collezione tessile di “Tela Umbra”

In the display cases samples of fabrics made by Tela Umbra are displayed, amongst which deserve particular attention:

The Umbrian quadruccio: made on wooden looms of 6 shafts and 3 pedals from the 19th century, the design forms perforated patterns of little squares and rectangles, inspired by the Renaissance fabrics.

The partridge eye: fabric made with ligneous looms from the 19th century with 6 pedals and 6 shafts with which you create a fish scale pattern and small rhombuses known as “partridge eye”. These fabrics are directly inspired by Franciscan cloths and tablecloths and the detail of the Perugian tablecloth.

The spolinato: this fabric, made with Linen title 120, the finest that exists, is considered the gem of the “Tela Umbra” production. The floral decoration is obtained with the unique technique of “brocade weaving”, thanks to which the designs are achieved via a supplementary weft which works in addition to the standard, background weft which only works within the limit of the width of the pattern that it is making. The elegance of the performance qualifies this product as a high example of artistic craftmanship.