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Over 200 works, from the first creations to the current collections, some of which were made with the very famous Nero Fratta.

The history of Rometti is represented by over 200 works, from the first creations to the current collections. Founded by Settimio and Aspromonte Rometti in 1927 the company, thanks to the fundamental contribution of Dante Baldelli, Corrado Cagli and Mario di Giacomo, at the time very young students of the Academy of Art in via di Ripetta in Rome, immediately established itself as a revolutionary in the national manufacturing scene, making objects that bore traces of the most advanced artistic trends of the time come out of the kilns, in a formal synthesis between primitivism, futurism, rationalism, art deco and Bauhaus influences.

And so here is the large series of works belonging to this golden age, some of which were made with the very famous Nero Fratta, an iridescent metallic color that was born by chance and made Rometti’s works highly sought after at a European level. Between ups and downs, the company will then survive all the great social and political upheavals of the 20th century, continuing to produce objects of excellent quality, exhibited in the section dedicated to the 50s and 60s.

The turning point came in the 1990s when the company resumed making use of the skills of external artists, according to the forward-looking method that had decreed its success 70 years earlier. The first step was the collaboration with Ambrogio Pozzi, a world famous designer, but from that moment Rometti will systematically start collaborating with artists such as Liliane Lijn, Chantal Thomass, Cèdric Ragot, Jean-Christophe Clair or Ugo la Pietra, all represented in the collection of the museum.

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